Jean Kelley

Managing Partner / Financial Advisor

About Jean

I grew up the oldest of five children with very young parents. I knew money was tight and higher education was not discussed or considered an option. I learned early my role with household chores and sibling needs. Though resources were scarce, I had structure and was taught work was needed to meet my needs and wants. I remembered this lesson when my parents told me they wouldn’t be able to help with the costs of getting my driver’s license as they would then need to carry that cost for my four siblings.

I began babysitting, delivering newspapers, and working at a local McDonalds. After graduating high school, I immediately transitioned from student to adult with a full-time job. I took a position as a new business administrator with a large insurance company. This is where I learned of the living benefits of life insurance. As a result, I studied for and successfully obtained my life and health insurance licenses.

Within a few years, some of the senior agents that I worked with left this insurance company to create an independent financial planning firm and I was asked to join them. It was during this transition that I learned about the importance of financial planning and long-term investing.

After being forced into retirement after 30 years with the same company, my father had been saving for his retirement but now needed guidance. At 55, he thought he’d have more time to save, now he wasn’t so sure of his future. I introduced my father to one of the advisors I was working with to help him moving forward. This is when I decided that I wanted to be an advisor, to help educate others around their financial planning needs.

I began the process of obtaining my securities registrations and started working for a large investment firm. With this transition I went from registered administrator to registered advisor. Several years later, I was presented with the opportunity for growth. A local bank was creating an investment division and I was asked to lead this new venture. I accepted the role and transitioned to head up this new division.

A decade later I was presented with an opportunity to become an owner and managing partner of an independently owned, values based financial planning firm. This is now The Wealth Transition Collective.

I have been married to my husband Rob (Bob) for 44 years. We have a daughter Katelyn, a licensed realtor in Boulder, Colorado. Kate’s hard work and financial discipline allowed her to purchase a condo at age 25, build a savings account and take advantage of available tax opportunities as a self-employed individual. I enjoy spending time at my summer residence in Rhode Island and breaking up the cold New England winters at my home in Southwest Florida. Dining and traveling with friends are always welcomed activities.

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