Erica Beaudry

Independent Insurance Agent
Medicare Specialist

About Erica

My name is Erica Anne Beaudry and I am an Independent Insurance Broker specializing in Medicare Benefits and Enrollment. I help people navigate healthcare options in retirement. I meet with clients to explain the basics of Medicare, to discuss your individual situation, and sort through your options.

In my mid to late 20’s I had the experience of caring and advocating for a loved one who had Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Through that experience I learned about the many challenges folks face navigating our healthcare systems. I began to wonder about what someone does who did not have an advocate such as myself by their side. Years later I was made aware that this was indeed a career path I could pursue and I took the plunge to become certified and trained to represent many of the health carriers doing business here in Massachusetts as well as throughout New England.

I see myself as an Educator and an Assistant. I will help you to understand your individual options and I will assist you in enrolling into the plan of your choice. I won’t stop there though, I also service clients throughout the year. I am available to answer questions and to help you resolve issues should any arise.

Aside from Medicare, I have a background in photography and have been actively engaged in creating photographs for more than twenty-five years. I attended Prescott College in

 Prescott, Arizona where I received my Bachelor’s of Arts in Photography with an emphasis in Documentary Studies in December 2005 and in October 2013, I received my Post- graduate Certificate from the Oskreutzshchule Für Fotografie in Berlin, Germany. I was the Program Manager of the esteemed International Limited-Residency Master of Fine Arts in Photography at the Hartford Art School – University of Hartford from 2010 – 2020.

For more than half of my lifetime I have been on a personal mission to gain a deeper understanding of the human experience around the globe. My explorations have taken me to the San Blas Archipelago in Panama and Buenos Aires-Argentina, Kino Bay-Mexico, Kenya, Berlin – Germany, Paris-France and Tokyo – Japan.

Since 2019 I have served as a volunteer for Easthampton Media Inc., where I am the current President of the Board of Directors. The mission of Easthampton Media Inc. is to empower anyone in the community to be digital media content creators by providing access to professional video, audio and multimedia tools and training. E-Media is a non-profit organization that promotes creativity, personal expression and civic engagement.

I live in Easthampton, with my husband Craig and daughters Amelia and Addie. I am proud to be a resource in the community where my family laid down roots several generations ago.

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