Ashley Hopkins

Director of Client Service and Operations

About Ashley

I was born here in Holyoke, MA and raised in West Springfield where I loved getting dirty playing outside. From a young age I discovered a love for music and joined the school band. Throughout my school career, I also played several sports, my favorite of which was Varsity field hockey. I played year-round, indoor, and out. My proudest moment as a member of the team was when we won the MA state championship my junior year of high school. Growing up in the woods, I spent much of my time outside on ATVs and snowmobiles. Little did I know that this would grow into a passion for extreme sports that I carry to this day.

After a short modeling career with the Miss America organization, I found enjoyment in giving back to others through volunteer work.  I taught CCD at St. Thomas church, volunteered at the Soldier’s Home and VFW to name a few.  I’m most proud of my summer trek through Malawi, Africa with World Challenge Leadership Expeditions, where I brought medical supplies to AIDS orphans, supplies to school children, and assisted with the construction of a new school building. We didn’t have much except the rucksacks on our backs but were still able to make an insurmountable difference in these children’s lives.

Freshly out of Holyoke Community College, I found another way to help others. I knew I wanted to continue exploring the world and help wherever I could along the way, so I immediately got working on a way to fund my travels.  During my research, I stumbled upon classes to become a certified English as a Second Language teacher, so I figured why not apply to the school and see if I get in? Sure enough, I was accepted into the program! The TEFL certification course was offered in Panama City, Panama, so I packed up and moved to another country without batting an eye. I attended class at the ESL Language Center, where I eventually became a full-time instructor after obtaining my certification. My students ranged in age from 5-year-olds to adults, and all coursework was catered to the individual. My practice was well received, and word quickly spread. Soon thereafter, I was offered a position traveling to companies across the city teaching business English and industry specific terminology.

In 2017 I transitioned into the financial services industry supporting a local advisor in a small firm.  This transition has allowed me to work with many small business owners and families in New England, aligning well with my purpose of helping others reach their goals. I’m currently studying for my Securities Industry Exam, the first step in obtaining my Series 7 license. The best way I’ve found to learn in this industry is to immerse yourself into it. Therefore, by helping clients reach their goals, I’m in turn achieving mine.

In my downtime I enjoy gardening, target practice, crafting, fishing, boating, travelling, and spending time with friends and family.  I recently purchased a home with my husband Pete in a quiet area of Feeding Hills where we love to relax and recharge with our hound dog, Whis.

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