Trina Moskal

Medicare Planning Specialist

Growing up in a very large, close knit Irish Catholic family, Trina’s grandparents Dana and Lorraine were significant influences in her life. In her formative years, many days were spent with Lorraine learning to knit, sew and cook. With Dana, Trina recalls many early mornings at their campsite at Partridge Hollow where Dana would make coffee for himself and his dog Sherry. The three of them would sit in silence, enjoying the early mornings of Summer. This experience, along with Dana’s absolute love of dogs, is something Trina attributes as being part of her grandparents influence on her life.

Never complaining about hard work, Trina remembers Dana returning home exhausted from his manufacturing job at Monsanto. Once Dana retired, he shared that he worked every possible shift he could, sometimes triple shifts, in order to provide for his family of 11. He also wanted to ensure his retirement one day. With the knowledge instilled in the importance of work, Trina learned early in life that if she wanted something, she was going to have to earn money to get it. Motivated by this basic principle, Trina started her first job with a paper route at the age of 8. With those early profits, Trina purchased a sewing machine to make Christmas stockings, which her family still uses today. Trina and Lorraine would also sew together, even taking a quilting class with one another. The quilt made in that class is a cherished possession. Later, traveling to Rhode Island to visit Lorraine’s mother Caroline (aka, Nana Manchester) was looked forward to by all who were lucky enough to go. Those times are cherished keepsakes to this day. After Dana’s passing, Lorraine and Trina spent as much time together as possible. Lorraine always stopped to take Trina’s call, no matter what was going on at the time.

Dana and Lorraine would both pass away at home under Hospice care. Motivated and inspired by her grandparent’s example, a passion for helping others and a tremendous love of dogs, Trina and her goldendoodle Molly began their Hospice volunteer service in Southern California. The year was 2007. It was during Trina’s volunteer activity with Hospice that she began to find her purpose. Recalling the memories of Dana and Lorraine, Trina decided to move her energy towards a career improving the lives of Seniors. After a 20-year career in the dental industry, Trina transitioned into a career in Home Health and Hospice. With many of her skills transferable, Trina transitioned to working as a Community Liaison/Hospice Volunteer Coordinator with a local Home Health and Hospice agency. In her most recent role as a Director of Business Development and Community Engagement, fundraising for programs that supported Hospice and raised people’s awareness of the beauty of Hospice was a top priority and most fulfilling part of her job.

After 12 years in the Home Health and Hospice industry, Trina transitioned to The Wealth Transition Collective where she is now a Medicare Planning Specialist helping Seniors transition from private insurance to navigating the numerous choices involved in the Medicare planning process.

Trina has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, completed in 2001 at New Hampshire College (now Southern New Hampshire University). Trina also has a master’s degree in Healthcare Leadership with a concentration in Organizational Excellence, completed in 2021 from Bay Path University.

Trina possesses a high level of skill in leadership, organizational management, CRM management, project planning, communication and is Green Belt certified in Lean Six Sigma. Trina is a licensed Life and Health insurance producer as well as AHIP certified.

When Trina is not working, she enjoys reading, cooking, entertaining, traveling and being a doting dog mom to her three dogs, Max, Sasha and Harvey.