Bill Kemple, AIF®, CPFA®

Financial Advisor

I learned from an early age the definition of “hard work” as well as how to live within my means. My mother specifically, was very responsible with money and that is something that I have honored and respected from an early age. My first “hard work” experience came at the age of 14 when I began washing dishes at the local pizza shop. My can do, will do attitude quickly created opportunity for me when I received my first promotion and transitioned to dough maker and shortly after that to waiter.

Implementing the money disciplines, I learned at home I was able to buy my first car with the money I had saved. A huge accomplishment at that age. This is when I first realized the power of goal setting and what it takes to achieve them. After graduating from high school, I transitioned to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. There I studied finance and operations management. I quickly applied my work ethic and earned my first leadership role when I was appointed as manager for a local liquor store chain while attending college full time.

I was determined to put myself through school and graduate debt free. During my junior and senior years of college I earned the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant for an upper level finance course. It was during this time that I discovered my purpose. To take a consultative approach to educating local businesses and families to become financially self- reliant. To help them feel empowered by their assets, not paralyzed by them. This requires patience and a disciplined approach to the journey that lies ahead of all of us.

After graduation, Summa Cum Laude 2009, I transitioned into the financial services industry holding various leadership positions at John Hancock and most recently as an advisor at a local MetLife office. As I make the next transition in my career I am reminded to think about the “big picture” and in doing so that requires a people first approach in all aspects of my business. My latest transition is founded in my life’s purpose of helping people be financially self-reliant. If you are seeking a client centered relationship, I would ask for the opportunity to help you plan for your next transition.